Use Your Phone to Sell

Use your phone to sell – It’s easy!

  • Friends and relatives can shop online using our mobile site at These orders can be shipped directly to the purchaser or they can be shipped with the balance of the seller’s order.

  • All you need to do is register under ‘student login’ using the school ID number and a student ID.

  • The school ID number will be found on the cover letter that comes with your brochure packets and the student ID number can be found at the top of the order form that also comes with the brochure packets.

  • Once a seller registers, the site will send emails to your family and friends inviting them to shop. You will need to complete the name and email section at the bottom of the student registration to utilize this feature. Your customers can click on the link in that email or they can go directly to The only information your customers need is the student ID number.

  • When an order is placed on the seller’s behalf you will get an email with the details.

  • There is nothing more you need to do. Your customers will pay via credit card on the site and the products they order will be sent directly to them or with the balance of the seller’s order.

  • Do not lose the order form with your student ID number. In order to get proper credit for prizes (if applicable) you will need to return the order form to the school at the end of the fundraiser.

  • All online orders will be credited to the seller.

  • The chairperson has around the clock access this information concerning these online sales.