Sales Tips

Sales Tips for Success

  • Make sure you send a “Parent Letter” home. This letter is a must from the sponsor of the sale kicking off your fundraiser and explaining how it will help.  This will help get parents involved. You should include sales dates, sales goal and the most important is the reason for conducting the sale. We can print this letter for you.
  • Kickoff. Get your sellers motivated by having a kickoff meeting explaining the sale, passing out the sales brochures, order form and Parent Letter. If sales incentive prizes are involved make sure you show what is available. We will deliver this paperwork in envelopes for each seller.
  • Online Sales We offer an online sales site that is mobile friendly. Guide friends and relatives to this site so they can support the sale. When registering for your fundraising please provide us with at least five email address of family and friends, that would be willing to support your sales.
  • Prize incentive help motivate  Sellers love getting prizes. We provide prize brochures in each seller packet. Another way you can motivate sellers is to give a pizza or ice cream party class or grade that gets the most participation.
  • Have each seller set a goal. Sellers  that have a goal will always perform better. Have them circle the prize level they would like to reach
  • Make a “Top Ten” prospect list

Sellers should make a list of at least ten prospects before they begin their sales campaign.

  • People You Know Always sell to the people you know –mom, dad  friends, relatives, neighbors, Don’t forget to have co-workers and out-of-town contacts support your sale.

This is very important. Sales prospects should know why you are raising money. Letting them know it is for a good cause will always increase sales. “We need your support because our team needs new uniforms.” “Will you help us meet our sales goal?”

  • Show and Sell Each seller should explain and show perspective customers several items throughout the catalog.