Brochure Fundraiser

Getting Started is Easy

We’ve helped groups like yours since 1972. We know how to get the job done. Our simple 6 step process ensures your fund-raiser will go smoothly with very little effort. Discover how thousands of groups have conducted successful sales with us.

Step 1

Choose a sales brochure and a prize brochure.

Step 2

Place an order for your brochures and pick a sale period.  We suggest 7 to 10 days.  Be sure to fill out all the requested information at checkout.

Step 3

We will provide each seller a complete sales packet.  Send the sales packets home and begin selling.

Step 4

At the end of the sale, collect the order forms and money. The seller keeps pink copy of the order form,  you keep the yellow copy and send us the white copy.

Step 5

We will process your orders and pack each one by seller. We will  ship them to you within 2-3 days after receiving your payment.Each seller’s order will be individually packed and labeled. We will also provide all sales reports that will recap your sale.

Step 6

Distribute merchandise to sellers.

How We Help you Conduct a Successful Brochure Fund Raiser



We get you started.

  • We will collate and send all sales literature you need to kick off your sale.  The packets will include a parent letter that details all pertient sale information including sale dates, reasons for sale etc.  All you need to do is hand out the literature packets to each seller in your group.

All FREE packets include the following:

  • 4 color sales brochure displaying all items you are selling. This brochure is shown to prospective supporters.
  • Custom parent letter. This letter explains all aspects of the sale. Including the reason for the sale and important start and finish dates. Anything the parent needs to know will be in this letter which we custom make for you.
  • 3 part order form. Keep one for your records the parent keeps one and the original is sent to use for order processing.
  • Prize brochure a 4 color brochure showing great prizes that each seller can earn!

No Questions Guarantee

  • If for any reason your customer is not satisfied with any product we will refund your money in full – no questions asked. There is a reason why we have been helping groups like yours with fund raising programs for over 48 years. We stand behind our product…100%.

More Sales with Online Order Shopping

  • Out of town friends and relatives can shop online at These orders can be shipped directly to the purchaser or they can be shipped to you with the balance of the seller’s order. All online orders will be credited to the seller.
  • Once a seller registers for online sales, emails can be sent to all prospective customers so they can help support the fundraiser.
  • The chairperson has around the clock access this information concerning these online sales.


  • Every student that sells can receive a prize incentive
  • Our prize program creates excitement and motivates the seller’s
  • Additional motivation means a bigger more successful sale.

Fast, Efficient Order Processing

  • All orders are processed and shipped to you within 3-5 days. That includes your main order as well as any type of order adjustments. Just call toll free 1-800 448-9330 or contact us directly at our special customer service website.
  • All our orders are packed using state of the art processing in our 40,000 square foot distribution center. Orders are data entered, checked, sent to the ware house and picked with the latest pick to light technology. This cuts down picking time and accuracy in addition each order is barcode scanned again for accuracy. This allows us to have an almost 100% accuracy pick rate.
  • Each seller’s order is individually packed in uniform boxes and labeled with our large easy to read labels. These labels include all information needed to distribute the order. They include seller’s name, school name, teacher or group and classroom. Just let us know how you would like the orders packed and identified and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Complete Computer Reports Provided

  • Easy to use sales reports help you with questions you may have.

All reports include:

  • Order Summary a recap of the entire sale
  • Detail Report showing each seller’s individual sales record including prize choice
  • Student Summary showing sales and profit by student
  • Top Seller listing by dollar from top seller on down