Fundraising Programs

Whether you use Carry & Sell or a Brochure program we are the here to help you. There is always experienced personnel ready to answer any type of fund raising question you may have. Making your job easy is our job.

It’s Simple. Pick a program and you are on your way to reaching your goal!

Choosing a Brochure Fundraiser?

  • NO CHARGE ON LITERATURE All literature given to each seller is provided free of charge.This includes the sales brochure, custom parent letter, prize brochure and three part order form.
  • NO RISK- NO MONEY UP FRONT Choose the brochure you would like to sell. Have group members collect money as they sell. You pay nothing until you complete the sale. We will invoice you for only the cost of the product the balance is your profit. Pay for only what is sold.
  • FREE PRIZE PROGRAMS Never a charge for prizes.Our cumulative prize program will motivate sellers.
  • FREE SHIPPING Never a charge for shipping literature or merchandise.
  • PACKING TO THE SELLER We always pack your order per seller.You never have to do any packing yourself. When returning your orders to us for processing, just tell us how you want the seller’s orders divided. By classroom, teacher, grade etc.
  • ONLINE ORDERING You are not limited to local customers. We have an online site that can be used by those friends and relatives that are located out of town. These items can be shipped directly to the customer or delivered with your main order. The choice is theirs.
  • HASSLE FREE All customer service call from parents can be handled by us or your fundraising chairperson. Either way it’s your choice.
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Choosing a Carry & Sell Fundraiser?

  • QUICK SHIPPING Most orders ship within 48 hours. Plan on another 1 to 4 days shipping time.
  • QUICK CASH If you need funds quickly, Carry and Sell is the way to go. There is no order taking. Start the sale as soon as you receive the product.
  • SIMPLE Sellers deliver the product and collect money as they go.
  • FREE SHIPPING Never a charge for shipping
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