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Complete Fundraising Guide

(This guide contains important information to help your fundraiser run smoothly.)

Customer Service


Fax 1-315-732-2251

We are here to make your sale successful!


  • If for ANY reason you are not happy with a product of ours we will replace it or refund your money-no questions asked.


  • All sales literature is collated and ready to hand out.
  • These literature envelopes include everything a seller needs to participate in the sale, brochures, custom parent letter, 3 part order form and prize program.
  • Provide us your sales information and we will design and print a parent letter especially for your group. The reason for the sale is extremely important.
  • Packets will arrive ready to distribute


  • Everyone gets a copy of the order
  • The seller keeps pink one, sale sponsor keeps the yellow and the original white form is sent to Clemente for processing
  • Make sure each seller’s information is completely filled out.


  • Each seller’s order is individually packed and labeled with easy to read labels!
  • Uniform boxes make it easy to distribute the orders.
  • State of the art scanning accurate orders.
  • We are one of the few companies that use electronic picking. This further insures picking accuracy and speed. Your order is packed in days not weeks.
  • When the order arrives all you need to do is distribute it to the sellers.


  • Once we receive your order, we will pack and ship your order in 3-5 days.
  • Reorders or late orders will ship in 1-2 days of receipt
  • Questions?

Phone 1-800-448-9330


FAX 1-315-732-2251



Dates and Reason for the Sale

  • It is extremely important to set a sales goal and more importantly you need to give a reason why you are conducting the sale.
  • Make sure everyone involved with the sale knows why they are raising money. This would include teachers, administrators and most importantly, your sellers and their parents.
  • Notify all involved with the sale start and ending dates.
  • Usually a sale lasts 10 days and should include two weekends.


Kick off Your Sale

  • The start of your sale should begin with a “sales kickoff”. If you are able to assemble the seller’s together in one place, please ask for a sales kickoff video. This will help get your program off to a good start. The more excitement the better your sales results.
  • If you cannot assemble everyone, an announcement or email to those involved with the sale restating the information on the parent letter will be very helpful.


Distribute Sales Literature

  • Make sure everyone who wants to participate in the sale receives a sales packet of literature.
  • All adults and volunteers involved with the sale should receive sales literature.


Online Shopping/Mobile Friendly

  • Internet sales have become more and more a part of successful fundraising. Our online mobile friendly site allows seller’s to reach more people to help support your sale.
  • Our online shopping is mobile friendly and easy to use.
  • Make sure everyone knows that online shopping is available at
  • Your group will be given an online access number that identifies your group. This ID # will be included on the parent letter.
  • Every 3 part order form provided in the seller’s packet has a unique ID # which the seller uses to register his or her name online.
  • Every seller can register online and have emails sent to friends and relatives that are out of town or hard to reach in person.
  • Out of town family & friends can easily make online purchases to support your fundraiser.
  • These orders can be delivered directly to the purchaser or sent along with the seller’s order.


Involve Everyone, Everyday

  • Send home notices that let parents know that you are going to have a sales and be specific about the goals and the reason for the sale. Use the community bulletin board or school sign to notify people about the sale and promote the sale.
  • On Kick-Off Day Try to assemble everyone involved in the sale and go over all information on the parent letter.
  • On a daily basis try to keep everyone informed and keep the excitement in the air. If you can make daily announcements it will help keep the sale fresh on everyone’s mind. Let them know how many days are left for the sale.
  • Try something like having the principal or vice principal come to school in their pajamas if the seller’s hit their goal. Have an Ice cream or pizza party for the class or room that sells the most.


Placing your order

  • Verify money and total sales for each seller. Make sure those amounts agree. (Seller’s do make addition errors.)
  • We will provide a report that will highlight addition errors
  • We will provide a pre-paid postage envelope to be used when returning your completed sales forms to us.
  • Complete the provided “Pack to Seller” cover sheet and place in the envelope.


Processing Order Information

  • Bundle each group of white original order forms by separate group, class, teacher or team. By doing this orders will be processed and labeled with the correct information and in the correct order. The label on the outside of each box will have all the information you need to sort and distribute orders. School, group name, teacher or whatever additional information is provided. Failure to do this will result in your order being processed alphabetically.
  • Our normal processing time for main orders is 3-5 days.
  • Late orders may or may not arrive with your main order. It all depends on when we receive the late order. We will make every effort to send late orders with the original order. If the late order does not arrive with the original order it will be shipped within 1-2 days.
  • Packing errors, missing or damaged product need to be reported within 10 days of delivery of your main order. The chairperson should wait 3-5 days before reporting any errors. By doing this all errors can be reported at once.
  • All items reported as missing will be checked against the original paperwork that was sent to us and the seller’s computer order. If we find the item was not on the computer order and not invoiced the item will be billed and shipped.


Invoicing and Payment

  • An invoice will be emailed once we data enter your orders into the computer. In order for your product to be shipped we will need payment. We accept school checks, credit cards and money orders.
  • Credit card payment can be made by calling customer service at 1-800-448-9330.
  • When sending payment by check or money order please mail to; Clemente Fundraising 301 Lafayette Street Utica, NY 13502. Write your customer number on the check. That number can be found on your invoice.
  • Your customers that pay by check should make the checks out to your group NOT Clemente Fund Raising.



  • Your order will ship immediately after we receive your payment.
  • Allow 1-5 days transit time.
  • You will receive an email notifying you that your shipment is on its’ way.
  • Depending on the size of your order. It may arrive via UPS, Fed Ex or common carrier. A common carrier will call to schedule a delivery. Both UPS and Fed Ex do not require a delivery appointment.


  • Depending on the size of your order you may need several volunteers to help with this process.
  • The shipment will arrive ready to distribute.
  • All boxes will be clearly labeled with the student’s name as well as the teacher, class or room number. This all depends on the way we were instructed to process the order.
  • Each label will have a large number on it. Sort the boxes by these numbers. For example, if we were told to sort the orders by teacher, every time the teacher’s name changes the large number will change. If we were told to sort the order by room, every time the room changes the large number will change.
  • If we were not advised how to process the order. The shipment will be sent in alphabetical order by student’s name.