About Us

We were born way back in 1948 . How many fundraising companies can boast that? None or very few. That is why you can trust Clemente help you raise the greatest amount of money for your group. People have trusted us for over 68 years. Groups that use our fund raising brochure average over $108.41 in sales per seller. That is an average. Many earn much more. Up to $206.53 per seller. That’s 25% more than most fundraisers earn. With over 68 years in the fundraising industry, we are uniquely qualified to help you get the most out of your fundraiser. No one has ever done anything but made profit on our programs. From the smallest group up to full schoolwide sales of over 800 students, everyone’s campaign is profitable.

In all but the fewest of circumstances we purchase directly from the product manufacturer. This helps us control product quality and pricing. Which means more value for you and your supporters. We always stand behind our product and service.

Our marketing manager has been with the company over 44 years. Our president, who started under his father has been here for over 50 years. His father, uncles and grandfather started this company selling helium balloons at parades. This experience and longevity proves that our attention to our customer needs have kept us around all these years. It means that at the end of the day we are satisfied that we have helped thousands of groups meet their goals successfully throughout the years.

Which is why we are,

“The official sponsors of the future of fundraising.“