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We have been helping raise thousands and thousands of dollars for over 48 years!
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How Clemente Programs Work

Find out how your group can raise money quickly and easily.
Choose the program that best suites your needs.

Brochure Sales

  • Browse our brochures and select your favorite.
  • Set a sales period.
  • Order your FREE brochures
  • Take orders & collect money.
  • Separate your orders by grade, teacher or however you would like them packed.
  • Send orders to us for processing & delivery.
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Carry & Sell

  • Choose an item you would like to sell
  • Set a sales period
  • Place an order with us
  • Sell, deliver & collect money as you go
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More Sales With Mobile Friendly Online Shopping

Use your phone to sell.

Once you sign up for a sales campaign you can use our full color brochure or register to use your phone to take orders. It’s simple.

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